Certified elitedali™ Partners, (CeP™)


We strongly believe that the success of any technology product lies into its implementation.
To ensure our customer has been delivered the most reliable convergent lighting controls solutions, Leap adopts a strict policy of allowing only Certified elitedali™ Partners, (CeP™) to design, commission and implement.

Who all can be CeP

elitedali range of products are globally distributed and commissioned by Certified elitedali™ Partners, (CeP™). Leap has rigorous training and certification program which is mandatory for all our partners. CeP’s are officially certified by Leap to deliver its open standards, web based Niagara for DALI intelligent lighting control solution.

BMS Systems Integrators

Niagara Software Partners

Niagara Software OEM

DALI lighting controls systems integrators

Luminiare Manufacturer

Luminiare Suppliers

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